Sunday, August 19, 2007

Could Nakedness Be Going ... Out of Fashion?

I really like nudity, but it always seems to look better in smaller groups, and in more secluded places. Like, at home. Maybe it's the lighting.

Efforts to raise awareness of global warming take many forms. On Saturday August 18th Greenpeace launched its latest stunt to sway doubters that a heating planet is generally a bad thing. The environmental group co-opted Spencer Tunick, an artist renowned for his photographs of rolling acres of nude men and women, to repeat his trick on a Swiss glacier. But art and protest do not always make for happy bedfellows—crude polemic and subtle imagery often jar. Perhaps a bigger concern for the activists is that these days the naked form has lost much of its power to shock.

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Anonymous said...

nudity will always make an important artistic statement, regardless of whether it "shocks" people or not.

- KS

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