Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Socialism, Socialism, Socialism ....

Mitt Romney (quoted in the NYT): “The right answer for health care isn’t government, and the new secretary of health and human services should not be Michael Moore.”

Actually, Michael Moore would make a very entertaining secretary of HHS. He'd get fired his first five minutes in office, but not before laying down a much-needed directive or two.

As to you, Mitt. You wangled your way into the Massachusetts governorship by declaring you were a moderate! Just because you turned yourself around 180 degrees when it suited you doesn't mean you should be playing the socialism card. That's so old school. And, anyway ... what's wrong with socialistic mechanisms as correctives to overly capitalistic schemes, like the one driving health care in this country?

Let's say it together, until we stop being frightened of the word: socialism, socialism, socialism, socialism, socialism ....

*For an interesting conversation about "socialized medicine," versus what I supposed could be "capalitistic medicine," click on the Sojourners' blog.

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