Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey, Dude, Let's Party

Imagine my pride in discovering that, just two weeks before my son heads off to college for the first time, his school has been ranked number 7 in the Princeton Review's annual list of Top 20 Party Schools. It's thrilling, this recognition, quite an honor. No, no, please - it's too much. Really. Really.

Actually, I have no expertise in this area. Although the college I attended was (and is) also highly ranked, I never went to a single party when I was there - yes, hard to believe, and sad in its way, but true. Never saw the inside of a frat house, never drank my weight in beer at a boozy tailgate shindig. But I'm a freak, as my son reminds me constantly. Which is the reason I think the decline of our popular culture began when the word "party" became a verb.

But my real question is directed to the statisticians out there: how solid is the research here? It seems important to know, right about now.

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